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A young fighter who had set out along with two childhood friends to make a name for himself and earn money for his village, Tatsumi is a kindhearted person who wants everyone to live happily, but has no problem with becoming violent if his friends or his ideals are threatened. He eventually accepts the invitation and slowly begins to accept his new life and trade, while still grieving over the loss of his friends and beginning to learn about his new ones. He used to be the owner of the Teigu Incursio until he was fused with it and became a dragon. He had sworn to use this opportunity to take down the Empire in its entirety. He fought against the Emperor to finally bring down the corrupt empire that had caused people to suffer. At the end of the fight against Shikoutazer , Incursio’s influence had increased drastically and Tatsumi was consumed. His body has become a dragon’s, but his mind remains.

Abigail Sciuto

Her family members include her two older brothers with whom she was raised up with the values of hard work and family. She is the daughter of Diana and David Loethen. She previously served for the OMD which is a software company. There she was very active in extra curriculum activities, she was a cheerleader for wrestling and football team. She was very much inspired by her parents’ hard work and had got her work ethic from them.

She started working at the age of 15 and has three jobs when she was in her college.

This page contains the Timeline which displays all events that happened on both The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies in chronological order. This includes events affecting characters found in Flashbacks and Flashforwards that have already come to pass. Trivia The earliest point in.

Drake was under the impression that Taylor was the undercover Trag he was suppose to liaison with and they hooked up. When he found out Zoe was the real Trag, he followed her seemingly ignoring Taylor. Drake spotted Taylor from across the room at Grayson’s house. They had a brief sexy stare off before Taylor rebuffed him and walked past him to flirt with another guy. Later in the evening Taylor sees Zoe and Drake about to leave the party together, gets jealous and confronts Drake about ignoring her.

Drake tries to comfort her and puts his hand on her knee, which she slapped away.

Abigail Sciuto

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Eventually, they start dating anyway, but Jenny becomes very suspicious of Mike’s relationship with Rachel when Louis tips her off. After Trevor discovered that Mike was dating Jenny, he told Jenny about Mike’s kiss with Rachel, and Jenny promptly left Mike. Trevor Evans.

Clone in Desktop Cross-dating is the process of validating the correct year is assigned to the correct increment. It is based on the assumption that your sample is synchronous; wide bands should fit with side bands, and narrow with narrow and so on. This is essentially how cross-dating is carried out – it plots the data and looks for increments which don’t seem to be fitting the trend of the other increments.

Cross-dating is important as errors are common in construction chronologies, increments can be skipped, counted twice or assigned the incorrect year. Cross-dating can be done either visually – with “skeleton plots” or statistically with a chronology program. Many studies use both visual and statistical cross-dating techniques.

Chronological dating

At times, when she is worried about the caffeine interfering with her sleep, she drinks “No-Caf-Pow” instead. Abby has shown a tendency to become very agitated, to the point of near-panic, if any of the team is seriously hurt. When Gibbs was admitted to the hospital, Abby ended up on the verge of a nervous breakdown, pacing back and forth while delivering a rambling, disjointed stream-of-consciousness plea that explained among other things how close Gibbs and she were, the reason she was arriving after visiting hours, how she felt about Gibbs being injured, and how important it was to her that Gibbs not die from his injuries.

In archaeology: Dating. This technique is known as cross dating; it was first developed by Sir Flinders Petrie when he dated Palestinian and early Greek (Aegean) sites by reference to Egyptian ones.

However, he doesn’t like her back because he considers her fully creepy and insane. She returns in Creepy Connie’s Curtain Call. She gets the lead role in Jessie’s play in order to kiss him. Connie almost “married” him in Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening , as a plan to scare Luke into her arms. Lonnie Trivia Connie Thompson had an obsessive and major crush on him.

Luke stands at 5 feet 7 inches. Luke was originally written as an year-old boy from South Korea named Hiro. It was changed because casting directors were impressed with Boyce during the audition process, and ultimately decided to recreate the role specifically for him. It shows that he wears boxers, but Ravi says he wears tighty whities, but you can also see briefs in one episode. The Kid Whisperer Luke is proud of the fact that he has big ears and the fact that he’s gassy because he thinks it brings him closer to dating Jessie or any girls.

He owes Ravi 10 dollars. He plays the accordion. In an alternate future, Luke becomes a Dance-ketball Hall of Famer.


He likes a laugh, your brother. James is two years older than his brother Albus Severus and four years older than his sister Lily Luna. His godparents, as well as his uncle and aunt are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. He was named in honour of his paternal grandfather and his father’s godfather. James along with the rest of his family, with the exception of his mother who was in the journalists’ enclosure , sported Bulgarian red.

Due to James laughing, Daily Prophet correspondent Rita Skeeter who was covering the match live with Ginny suggested that he may have pushed Albus.

Taylor and Drake: Nickname: Draylor Status: Sexual, Love-Hate, Frenemies/Friends, They often tease each other, She is pregnant with his baby, Drake loves her very much that he would risk his relationship with her in order to protect her, Star-Crossed Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Edit Forever Makoto realizes his feelings for Sekai early but has sex with Kotonoha during the school festival. Because of this, Kotonoha believes the only way to get Makoto’s affection is to constantly have sex with him, including giving him a handjob on a crowded train. Makoto struggles to choose between her and Sekai but him having sex with Kotonoha was recorded by a group of people, who then show it during a party which Sekai attends. Sekai confronts him about his unfaithfulness and breaks up with him, but Makoto confesses his love to her and is able to win her back.

However, Kotonoha takes it very badly and declares that he and Sekai will never be happy together. Makoto and Sekai are talking about Kotonoha when she throws herself off a building, which is seen in full view to both of them as she hits the ground headfirst and dies. Having witnessed Kotonoha commit suicide, Makoto and Sekai are unable to be together because of their guilt over Kotonoha’s actions and break up.

A while later, Makoto visits Kotonoha’s grave and reminisces about past events and how, as predicted by Kotonoha’s last words, he was never able to be happy with Sekai. Both haven’t met each other since the incident and they ask each other about their recent lives. Makoto as usual answers that he’s working as a nurse, while Sekai mentions that she got married, suffered a miscarriage and is soon to be divorced.

At the same time, Makoto hides his ring finger to hide the fact that he’s engaged.


Following this, she leaves Cross Academy but later returns in their Night Class to help the students coexist as originally planned. Contents [ show ] Appearance Yuki has a petite slender build and big brown eyes fringed with red. She wears the trademark black uniform of the Day Class with a white armband carrying the mark of a red rose, signifying her position as a member of the Disciplinary Committee. Additionally under her skirt, attached to her left thigh, Yuki carries an anti-vampire weapon: She wears dark leather brown boots in the manga but wears ankle brown boots in the anime series.

cross-dating The matching of tree-ring width patterns and other properties among the trees and fragments of wood from a particular area. This enables the year in which each ring was formed in living trees and recent stumps to be determined accurately, the presence of false rings or the absence of rings in individual specimens being made.

He took over as the head of Smosh on June 14, after the other co-founder and creator of the original Smosh Productions , Anthony Padilla , left Smosh to be an independent content creator. Ian, along with Anthony, can be considered one of the most widely known YouTubers due to Smosh being one of the oldest channels on YouTube, created only nine months after YouTube’s debut, and one of YouTube’s consistently popular channels, remaining as one of YouTube’s most subscribed and viewed channels since Contents [ show ] Personal Information His mother Sharon has been featured in multiple Smosh videos and his father has only been seen twice once in the behind the scenes video for Food Battle , and then five years later in a Lunchtime with Smosh episode.

Ian was in a relationship with Melanie Moat from to September He has blue eyes, dark brown hair, and pale skin. He also has a beard that is darker brown. In an interview with PartnersProject, Ian mentioned that he was more of an outsider in high school and was kind of emotional. Later on, he joined Anthony’s group of friends and he helped Anthony make Smosh.

He constantly demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the world. He was usually seen as less mature than Anthony , often going into temper tantrums or crying fits. Even though Ian was usually shown as intellectually inferior to Anthony, there have been instances where he had been expressed as smarter than Anthony: Another example is shown when he clearly understands the instincts of surviving a horror movie much better than Anthony, and acts more seriously in the situation as shown in Molester Moon.

How Scientists Found The Oldest Rock On Earth