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Mary said the tricks in her routine were mind-blowing, and Nigel gushed about how the routine was “hot, spicy and fearless. Magda made Vanessa cry because the dance was so gorgeous, and Mary said she gave “an honest performance” and the emotion she was able to convey was extraordinary. Genessy, an year-old contemporary dancer from Jamaica, NY, took the stage with a hip-hop routine alongside All-Star Fik-shun that was choreographed by Christopher Scott. Nigel said the amount of work she had put into the routine really showed, and Vanessa added she “brought the fire” and showed passion onstage. After dancing Oksana Platero’s choreography, Mary said Chelsea soaked up all the technique and made it look like she was living in the moment. Nigel added that her hips didn’t lie. Nigel said Jensen had matured so brilliantly, and Vanessa explained Brandon pushed her to new heights. Mary also noted it was one of the best performances of the day. Next week, the Top 10 guys will each perform with an All-Star partner, and then the judges will decide which five dancers will move on to the live shows.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE’s Kent Boyd & Neil Haskell Dance a Travis Wall Contemporary Routine

And I’ve done some guest starring on Shake It Up. I really have to use my dancing to get my foot in the door. It’s really starting to come together. I mean, I’ve put in a lot of work for the past two years, getting my acting skills up to par with my dancing. So it’s been such a challenge, but I love to really surprise myself with what I can do with a character in the scene.

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Who is Ethan Kent? His experiences evaluating and photographing public spaces in hundreds of cities in over 50 countries forms the foundation of his work.. He has also helped to shape many new development plans including proposals for multi-billion dollar projects in Hong Kong, Dubai and Los Angeles.. Utilizing lessons learned through his work with community members, Ethan has created and conducted Placemaking training courses for professionals of various disciplines from city planning staff in Vancouver, BC, to community development corporations in Detroit; from public housing developers in Sweden to traffic engineers in New Jersey..

Meet Lauren Bushnell, ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Sometimes it feels a little bit like the Bachelor contestant careers are something off a Barbie box, from dog lover to free spirit to news reporter (we even have one for Season 20!).

It had become my best friend during the past two months. After the disastrous outing on Halloween and my complete blow up with Esme, I finally went to go see a psychiatrist. Fredericks worked collaboratively with Dr. Eleazar and we discussed my injury, how I was healing, coping mechanisms for my anger and coming up with a game plan if I am unable to dance, in any way.

It would appear that I would be using my teaching degree. It was a great place holder, but not my dream. Dancing was my dream. It was always my dream. Yes, and coming to grips with my new reality. Especially when it came to seeing people that I loved dance. Edward told me he was going to step back from dancing and choreographing, but after speaking with Dr. Fredericks, he felt that it would hinder my healing.

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After last week’s news that Janet may be team up with Madonna, here is another fix for Janet fans: Janet Jackson was spotted at New York Fashion Week at the Spring/Summer Ralph Lauren collection on c, effortlessly chic, love the Birkin and looove the hair. A .

Did lauren and kent dating Sep Not sure what happened, but clearly she did not pursue a career in medicine since she now does sales for a phone company. And from the looks of it she was engaged until pretty recently to a guy name Chris Crane in Virginia Beach, Virginia. First this registry on The knot with a wedding date of July of I have an insatiable curiosity about all things related to The Bachelor as well as all things related to real world situations.

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Aug 11,  · Kent-the contemporary that brought him and the panel to tears (I warned you didnt I?). It was a breakthrough for him as it allowed him to shed his ‘time-to-till-the-crops-Pa!’ persona. fantastic number by the (ahem) Canadian Stacy Tucci.

Based on Wednesday night’s August 11 episode, it’s difficult to tell just who will stand tall when the results are revealed tonight August 12 , though there were a few clues. The sentimental favorite would have to be Lauren, though she may have also had the spottiest night of the three contestants. Though Lauren’s NappyTabs hip-hop number was strong and nuanced, her duet with Kent set to Huey Lewis and the News’ “Hip to Be Square” was sort of spastic and off, and her contemporary tag-team with Robert was well-executed but empty.

Though her cha-cha was pretty good, it’s hard to think that she will be able to emerge the victor with that sort of batting average. Though she did get the highest praise of the night from Mia Michaels: Then there was Kent, who looked strong during his contemporary routine and held his own during the unusual malevos number choreographed by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo even the judges didn’t know what to do with the latter dance, which was strangely chosen as the show-closing number.

Kent’s Bollywood number seemed a little broad even for that style , and the less said about that “Hip to Be Square” dance, the better off we all are. Robert probably had the best dance of the night with his Broadway performance set to “Cool” from “West Side Story,” one of the finest pieces of music ever written for the musical theater. And his all star jazz duet birthed by Tyce DiOrio was also pretty stunning. Though the judges sometimes talked as though Kent had this competition all sewn up, it seems like Robert should be the victor.

It’s a shame this season has been done in by so many injuries, but this version of the finals offers up an intriguing mix of styles and contrasts.

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The first thing I want to know is what is the plot of the movie? I guess the trailer is deliberately vague, but how much can you tell me without giving away the ending? We left a lot of the film up for interpretation. We wanted it to be a universal love story, but still personal to people. We wanted to give people an outline of a story and then they can project their story onto it.

Aug 12,  · Robert and Lauren have more of a mature edge against Kent. I feel all 3 did superbly well this whole season. It all comes down to this, if all the little girls stayed up all night and voted for Kent, or if all the moms stayed up and voted all night for Robert or if all the men stayed up all night and voted for Lauren.

The first would be Ashley, who is the second dancer in a row to get injured in rehearsals. Is there a NappyTabs curse now? After last week’s amazing ninja hip-hop routine, Ashley had some damage to her ribs and was told to sit out the show following Alex’s hip-hop routine which turned out to be his farewell performance. That doesn’t sound as bad as what happened to Alex, so here’s hoping she won’t suffer the same fate. So the only person who performed last night and didn’t have one of his best nights all season was Jose.

His B-boy routine with Dominic was some pretty great stuff, but he can do that in his sleep.

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Martin Luther King Jr Day, there is a renewed interest in the legendary civil rights leader’s views on homosexuality and if he would have eventually spoken out for gay rights. Some others disagree and say given the history of the black church, MLK may have remained silent on that issue. Irene Monroe writes a must-read op-ed at Bay Window on Bayard Rustin , the openly gay black man who was King’s top lieutenant.

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Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules premieres in a few weeks on November 2nd and we will see a few new faces. One newcomer to join the cast is year-old Lala her cohorts she is also an aspiring model/actress in Hollywood. Her real name is Lauryn Kent and she is from Salt Lake City Utah. She starred in Dragon Warriors (), One Shot () and The Mentor ().

Things get started with a bizarre, but cool routine choreographed by Mia Michaels, that looks like a page right out of the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. Sitting out of the routine was Lauren, who suffered some serious dehydration following the performance episode. The good news is that she’s fine and can continue on. I don’t think we could handle losing another dancer due to injury or health problems. Kent and Jose join Cat on the stage first. Hmm, I wonder who’s safe and who’s in “dangah” of going home.

Yep, it’s Kent who’s safe. Next up is Billy and AdeChike and despite his great night last night, Billy is in the bottom three again – shocking!

258 Kent and Lauren’s Jazz (Part 1 the performance) Se7Eo22.