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History of Amiens and Timeline of Amiens The first known settlement at this location was Samarobriva “Somme bridge” , the central settlement of the Ambiani , one of the principal tribes of Gaul. The town was given the name Ambianum by the Romans, meaning settlement of the Ambiani people. Amiens was part of Francia from the 5th century. Normans sacked the city in and again in During the 18th and 19th century, the textile tradition of Amiens became famous for its velours.

In , the provinces of France were dismantled and the territory was organised into departments.

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Donna Karan called the shamed mogul and his wife “Wonderful People! In reality, the codpiece was also heavily padded, as was the custom among those at court. You are perhaps wondering how I know this, but do not ask A progressive analysis of the somber scene reveals its current truth. The greedy, planet-devouring KKKapitalizm at work, menacingly staring straight at you, Comrade!

All that engulfed in darkness, as the climate already collapsed under the weight of carbon, sky-high blown by the murderous white supremacy. The lantern-candle, robbed of sustainable resources, gone dead.

Agriculture in Muslim civilisation : A Green Revolution in Pre-Modern Times

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Schools Read more about 21st Century Literacies and Evolving Pedagogy[…] Supporting Teacher Development is the Key to Student Success We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. Roosevelt At Oak Learners, our mandate includes helping all learners reach their potential through creativity, confidence and community.

Ontario students are experiencing record levels of stress, anxiety and suicidal rates are higher than ever before, but students are still under daily pressure to perform Read more about Oak Learners is Bridging the Gap for Ontario Students through Arts and Mindfulness based Elementary Education[…] Inquiry in the Classroom: Why are eggs different colours? Can I have a duck as a pet? Why do ducks have feathers?

Where do ducks live in the winter?

RRB Group D Admit Card 2018 Railway Group D Exam Date & E-Call Letter

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Staying in a nice hotel is one of my favourite things. Even staying in a hotel in my own city makes me happy. A chic hotel makes me feel pampered and somehow cooler than I fear I actually am. Every time I dry my hair with a hair dryer attached to the wall or wrap myself in a white monogramed robe I think about how I could make my own house more like a hotel so I can hold on to that vacation feeling a little bit longer.

Develop a Signature Scent Have a light scent automatically spray into your entryway whenever you come home. Hotels are on to this and will have scent machines in the lobby that will keep the air lightly perfumed, sometimes with an exclusive scent. I know this is because of the volume of laundry they do but white sheets will always say hotel to me.

If you need a pop of colour add a functionally useless runner at the foot of the bed. Replace Your Towels As go the bedsheets, so go the towels. Only Use Tiny Bottles In my linen closet lurks a large collection of tiny soaps and teeny bottles of shampoos, condtioners, and lotions collected from hotels across the globe. Refill from large bottles if need be.


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Revue de l’Association Internationale d’Etudes du Sud-Est Européen № / , Deuxième édition, Bucarest , p.

The video, recorded by year-old Rasheed Albeshari, shows Denise Slader yelling at the group of Muslims, saying they have ‘tortured’ people and that they have been ‘brainwashed’. A park ranger steps in and tries to diffuse the situation, but Slader gets riled up and lunges at Albeshari for continuing to record the exchange. I started video taping her, I ,also, was hit by an umbrella before taking a shower of coffee right on my face,’ Albeshari wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

While Slader was not arrested on Sunday, she still may face hate crime charges and is also now under investigation by her employer, the California Department of Corrections. Albeshari says he and friends came to the park that afternoon originally to play volleyball and barbecue. He was sitting in his car when Slader approached his friends after prayer and allegedly asked them if they believe in Jesus.

He says they responded that they did believe in Jesus and respected him, but nonetheless Slader started condemning their religion. It was then that Albeshari got out of his car and started recording Slader.

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Accordeon (MUSETTE/SWING/PARIS ;Vol.2), Isabelle Marquis, Various Scriabin/piano Music Tell It Like It Is, Eric Alexander, Peter Bernstein, Max Bolleman.

Salah Zaimeche The period from the 9th century to the 13th century witnessed a fundamental transformation in agriculture that can be characterized as the Islamic green revolution in pre-modern times. The economy established in the Arab and Islamic world enabled the diffusion of many crops and farming techniques as well as the adaptation of crops and techniques from and to regions beyond the Islamic world. These introductions, along with an increased mechanization of agriculture, led to major changes in economy, population distribution, vegetation cover, agricultural production and income, population levels, urban growth, the distribution of the labour force, linked industries, cooking, diet and clothing in the Islamic world.

This article presents a survey on those issues and others, such as agricultural machinery water Management and farming manuals. A page from “Kitab al-Diryak. This organisation and what it does, available on the internet, is by very far one of the best things in the field to emerge in recent times so good is its output. It truly cuts down the efforts of any scholar interested in the subject.

The quality of information especially on Islamic manuscripts dealing with farming is first class. One of course is not going to try and reproduce what Filaha conveys to us, unless one just cuts and pastes the whole site, and that will be it. For anyone, it is simply better to browse through the Filaha webs-site, and glean all that one wishes to glean directly. Readers of the article by this author only need to pick on such matters that the Filaha project people did not deal with, such as in in the first heading dealing with matters of distortions, and the final headings in part 2, matters at which this author excels.

In the Introduction of the Filaha project we have a map highlighting the Andalusi school of agronomy which is as simple as informative. The picture of the Tribunal of Waters sitting at the door of the Cathedral is so simple an image, and yet powerful, a true symbol of the dialogue of civilisations, and this excellent part of the caption referring to the tribunal: Probably the oldest extant democratic institution in Europe, the Tribunal of the Waters is thought to have originated in the 10th century under the caliph Abd al-Rahman III.

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Even this short and not very illuminating statement shows clearly that the leyenda negra is primarily a negative concept. In addition, it also creates the impression that outside “Spain” people have been systematically talking badly of the “Spanish” ever since the beginning of the early modern period. Therefore,it almost seems strange that the concept itself only emerged in the 20th century.

OCTOBER Editor: Mimi Lozano © After Pitt I lived and worked in London, Luxembourg, and Paris where I honed my skill in French. In my first year in French at Jefferson High School in El Paso, I authored a French text for high school students with Anise Bateman, the French teacher at Burgess High School in El Paso, Texas.

History of Amiens and Timeline of Amiens The first known settlement at this location was Samarobriva “Somme bridge” , the central settlement of the Ambiani , one of the principal tribes of Gaul. The town was given the name Ambianum by the Romans, meaning settlement of the Ambiani people. Amiens was part of Francia from the 5th century. Normans sacked the city in and again in During the 18th and 19th century, the textile tradition of Amiens became famous for its velours.

In , the provinces of France were dismantled and the territory was organised into departments. Much of Picardy became the newly created department of Somme with Amiens as the departmental capital. During the industrial revolution , the city walls were demolished, opening up space for large boulevards around the town centre.

The Henriville neighbourhood in the south of the city was developed around this time. In , the first railway arrived in Amiens, linking the city to Boulogne-sur-Mer. The town was fought over during both the First and Second World Wars, suffering much damage and being occupied several times by both sides.

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Secretary-General, fellow delegates, ladies and gentleman: I come before you humbled by the responsibility that the American people have placed upon me; mindful of the enormous challenges of our moment in history; and determined to act boldly and collectively on behalf of justice and prosperity at home and abroad. I have been in office for just nine months, though some days it seems a lot longer.

I am well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world.


Their role in putting dominant societal norms to a test and fuelling new social, political and cultural processes can hardly be overestimated. Youth were among the primary instigators for the outbreak of the Arab uprisings, as well as the most active demographic group to have challenged authoritarianism both before and after More than five years since the outbreak of the Arab uprisings, however, youth in the MENA still suffer from the highest unemployment rates in the world and the chronic lack of jobs and opportunities are widely considered a principal factor fuelling radical ideologies in the area.

While many studies have focused on youth in the Arab world, it is increasingly rare to hear how young people themselves view and interpret current developments unfolding in their society and how these relate to the ongoing international debate on the future of the Mediterranean region. In this context, the New-Med Research Network intends to give voice to youth themselves, providing a platform for 8 young professionals to present their ideas and contribute to the ongoing debates about conflict, security and radicalisation with a view to proposing new ideas and approaches to re-launch dialogue and cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

Candidates should be under the age of 32, hold an internationally valid passport from, or permanent residency in, one of the countries of the MENA region1, and should be preferably based at a university, NGO, or local media outlet. By hearing directly from a select number of young scholars of Middle Eastern or North African descent, the New Med network aims to broaden debates and include diverse perspectives, thus forging new links between generations, sectors and geographies while providing an alternative to the often European-dominated debate about current security challenges in the Mediterranean region.

Candidates who fit the above profile are invited to submit applications to write a policy paper, between 2, , words in length complete with footnotes and bibliography , in English and dealing with one of the themes outlined below. Successful candidates will be selected by the New-Med Steering Committee on the basis of their innovative research proposals, CV and cover letter. Final decisions will be made by the Steering Committee, which will pursue an adequate gender, age and nationality balance among the selected candidates.

Successful candidates will be contacted directly by the end of October, Selected authors will receive a remuneration of euros for the policy paper upon its final submission and after approval by the New-Med Steering Committee.

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