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In fact, Elgin produced approximately one-half of the total number of better-quality pocket watches manufactured in the United States. This makes Elgin one of the most commonly collected vintage watches since there are still so many examples available at reasonable prices. Currier, Otis Hoyt, and Charles H. Mason, with financial backing from former Chicago Mayor Benjamin W. The factory for the National watch company was completed in , and the first movement produced was an size B. In , the company officially changed their name to the Elgin National Watch Company, and that name remained until they stopped producing watches in the ‘s.

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The information below was gathered and amalgamated from various sources on the Internet. Sadly, I didn’t keep a record of where it all came from, but none of it is my own work. I can at least say thanks to Agent Orange, JoT, “mach 0. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of this information, but I’ve found it useful as a first step in estimating dates of manufacture for some of the watches in my collection.

Serial numbers may be found on movements, case backs or dials depending on the make, model and age of the watch in question. It’s not unusual to find movements that are one or two years older than the cases containing them.

How Old Is My Waltham Watch? Due to the fact that I own a lot of Waltham pocket watches [i.e., watches made by the American Waltham Watch Company], I frequently get e-mail from people wanting to find out information about their own Waltham , there’s usually not much I can tell people without actually seeing the watch, but if someone knows the watch’s serial number I can usually at.

Factory records differ from year-to-year and factory-to-factory. Some records are more complete than others. For this reason, many factory production dates are approximate. System developed and agreed-upon by American watch manufacturers to determine the diameter of a watch movement. The larger the number, the larger the diameter of the movement. The numbers used for American watch movement sizing have no correlation to the actual measurement of the piece.

Only jewels have a surface hard and perfect enough to allow metal parts to turn unceasingly year after year with a minimum of wear and friction. Jewels also hold the microscopic droplets of oil that lubricate each tiny pivot point.

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With Maple Leaf top. Age dulled Gold Wire on black felt with black cloth backing. With Maple Leaf at top.

Dating, based on Movement Serial Number. Movement serial numbers provide useful insight in the manufacturing date of the movement. This is possible because Elgin watch movements were numbered sequentially. We know the sequence numbers with confidence up to the end of ; these numbers are presented below.

November Collecting Railroad Watches A large number of pocket watch collectors focus on railroad watches. These were amongst the highest grade watches made, perhaps being superseded in time keeping quality only by presentation watches and navigational chronometers. Their high value and prestige, coupled with, in many instances, lower production quantities and, of course, the vast romance of railroading, are what make these watches attractive to collectors. There are a number of watches which are so widely recognized, and known to have been accepted for railroad time service, that their grade names practically scream “Railroad Watch!

Click on the illustrations for enlargements Fig. Elgin grade B. It too is a well-known railroad design. However, sooner or later, just about every collector, from the novice to the expert, comes up against an unusual watch about which the question arises, “Is this a railroad watch? Is this a railroad watch? Chaos The easy answer to that question is that railroad watches, referred to in the railroad industry as “standard watches” because they met the railroad’s standard , are those watches that were accepted for railroad time service.

The problems in using this definition become evident when the following facts are contemplated.

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The existence of a consistent naming schema makes your job much easier, but by no means does all the work for you. Within each named model there were variations, typically in one or more of four areas: Dial Case Material less common variation Movement least common variation Put that all together, and the result is that some models were available in numerous variations.

So, though the watches may look different at a glance, they are in fact just variations of the same model. Identification of a watch is a process, typically done as follows:

An Elgin pocket watch marked “18k”dating to The exterior of the case features a molded crest with a floral border. The interior of the case is marked “Keystone 18K ” The serial number of the movement is The total weight of the watch is dwt. Watch is grade and

A Hamilton US military “general purpose” watch from In keeping with similar watches of this type, the dial bears the “H3” mark which I think signifies the use of Tritium in the luminescent compound and the Radiation tri-foil symbol. The back of the watch bears the relevant military specification, part number and date information, together with the instruction that it should be disposed of as “radiation waste”.

This watch has an interesting life story! As I understand it, it was procured, along with many other watches, by the British MoD in the ‘s and was evaluated at Herstmonceux Castle at that time owned by the Admiralty for potential military use. In the 70’s, the watches used in the evaluation were sold and became part of a private collection.

Ownership was then transferred to the author of a well-known book on military timepieces who, in , sold the watch on to another collector.

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They were the largest watch manufacturer in the United States for over years. The factory opened for business in and Elgin were well known for making the highest quality watches. Along with Waltham they in essence dominated the watch market in the USA. The good news is that because they produced so many, it makes them ideal for collectors.

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The example below uses information from the American Waltham Watch Company, but that is just an example. You should consult the serial number table for the specific brand of watch movement you are trying to date by selecting a company from the menu on the left. Not all vintage watches can be dated using the serial number. Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did.

Most vintage Swiss pocket watches did NOT have serial numbers and can’t be dated by this method. Can’t find YOUR exact serial number in our lookup tables? Many watch companies made hundreds of thousands of watches, and some companies made millions of watches!

Elgin Gold Plated Pocket Watch, 1927

Elgin Pocket Watches Elgin pocket watches were an icon of American pocket watch production in the 20th century and reflect the massive progress of the age with durable yet elegant designs. Founded in Chicago in , the then National Watch Company was developed out of a consortium of local business leaders. Their goal was to create watches that were durable, affordable, and aesthetically satisfying.

After recruiting employees from a Massachusetts competitor, the Waltham Watch Company, the gentlemen established a acre space in rural Elgin, Illinois, as the location for their headquarters. Construction was complete in , their first movement was created the year after, and awards for their designs were already rolling in as early as By the time the company changed its name to the Elgin

Estate find. Looking for additional details (how many jewels, etc.) on this Pretty antique Elgin pocket watch. Serial no Also trying to tell if it’s gold or gold plated.

Where do you find the serial number on the gun? By US law, firearms must have serial numbers. The part legally considered the firearm is the receiver for a long arm and the frame for a pistol, and that is where the number would be. Guns made prior to may not be numbered at all, particularly if they were made by a small company. MORE What do the numbers d engraved in a gold pocket watch mean? I’m not a watch expert, but in my experience, numbers such as d are usually serial numbers..

The best way to tell the difference is, of course, by testing either by acid or electronic tester.

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