Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 12 .38 Special

A lot of us on the forum really enjoy helping folks identify and age firearms. People often come here with an old inherited revolver and would like to know more about it, when it was made, history, etc. Always interesting, sometimes, these threads reveal hidden gems and treasures. To help us help you, please use as many of the following guidelines as possible: Details, Details, Details — Give us as much information as possible. How many shots, swing out cylinder, top break, etc.? How long is the barrel measured from the end of the cylinder to the tip of the barrel? Is it blued, stainless, nickel?

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Offered for sale is this nice quality example of the Smith & Wesson No /2 First Issue, revolver, a.k.a “Old Model /2” RF Revolver. These were manufactured – In 32 caliber Rim Fire, 5 shot, with a non fluted cylinder. With a fine Nickel Plated finish.

From onward Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector revolvers came in target variations equipped with adjustable sights. Rimfire revolvers built on the. It was marketed to hunters and outdoorsmen in a climate that could not have been less ideal. The Great Depression was in full swing and there was a serious effort to include handguns in the prohibitive tax and registration structure of the Federal Firearms act of and Nevertheless the K 22 was an immediate success with well-heeled sportsmen as well as police and military training programs.

Supica — Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson records that an Army team took several K 22s to the Olympics providing an early launch into the mainstream target circuit. Wartime rationing stopped production in with something over 1, units of the second models out the door. Post-War production resumed in with the K becoming part of a target set including the K and the redesigned, Post-War K The revolver assumed the profile that would define the Smith Hand Ejectors until

Know how to find out when a Smith & Wesson revolver was made?

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Smith And Wesson Serial Number Date Code ->>> Dating a Smith & Wesson Revolver. For the exact date on your gun request the letter from the S&W USA is a privately held American retailer of various hunting and outdoor-related serial number is Can anyone tell me the date.

There is just something special about a company or a person really doing what they do best and delivering a remarkable performance or product. Smith and Wesson made their claim to fame with revolvers and, as exemplified in the , they can nail it so well that it leaves you wondering who would even try to compete. The L-Comp wheel gun is representative of the cumulative experience of revolver makers dating back well over years.

Coming in at approximately 40oz with rubber grips installed and a cylinder full of. In keeping with the mixture of classic and modern, the pistol has an adjustable rear sight and a tritium lamp in the front ramp. The sights align naturally and are easy to adjust. The bluing is very even and has hints of purple and blue iridescence. The grips supplied on the gun are a very attractive dark rosewood, however a set of rubber grips are shipped alongside them.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

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Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless – The Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless or Smith & Wesson New Departure is a double-action revolver that was produced from to by Smith & Wesson. The revolver incorporated an internal hammer and a grip safety on its backstrap.

Directory showing all pages on this website. Serial Numbers on Smith and Wesson Firearms If you own a Smith and Wesson handgun, you might be interested in finding out some more information on your particular gun. Once you locate the serial number, then you are able to do some research and find out a little history on your gun. Keep in mind that many Smith and Wesson guns produced before did not have a serial number stamped on them.

These older guns will take a little more effort to find out their history. For those Smith Wesson with serial numbers, see the pictures below to find where to look. On the Sigma series and the SW99 models, you will find the serial number in the locations shown in the pictures below. Smith Wesson Serial Numbers – Sigma Series Smith Wesson Serial Numbers – SW99 Once you’ve located the serial number, then you can try to contact Smith and Wesson and see if they can give you an information about your particular gun like date of manufacture or other specific details.

You can try to contact their customer support by phone and see if they would be willing to help you that way. You can send them a picture and they can find out more of the background on your gun along with the date manufactured.

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Finding your Smith and Wesson serial number depends on the type of firearm you have. Most modern Smith and Wesson revolvers have the serial number stamped on the butt of .

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For the Model 36, they sought to design a revolver that could fire the more powerful. A vote was held to name the new revolver, and the name “Chiefs Special” won. It was available in either a blued or nickel-plated finish. The “Chiefs Special” continued to be manufactured as a separate variant. The aluminum cylinders proved to be problematic and were abandoned in favor of a steel cylinder.

A revolver sits on display in the Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. booth on the exhibition floor of the th National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

Sorry I didn’t get back to this forum sooner but I was out of town for a few days and I guess I assumed that I would get an email message letting me know that responses had been posted like you get in some forums. My gun has the serial number on the butt, not the front strap of the grip so it appears that it may be a hand ejector. I assumed that it was a Regulation Police revolver because someone on another forum told me it was.

Hopefully, someone can confirm this from the picture I am attaching. The serial numbers are also marked on the rear of the cylinder and the back of the star wheel ejector. Also, the patent date is stamped on the bottom of the grips and it appears to read, “Pat June 5 ” but the numbers are very worn. I am especially uncertain about the last digit 7. The picture attached here was taken the day I got the gun. It has since been cleaned up but it still has wear on the finish.

However, the action is tight as can be and everything is smoot as silk in operation. The cylinder is tighter than most brand new revolvers and it locks up beautifully.

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 10-6

Posts 1, My Smith and Wesson. I was going through my handguns a few days ago I pulled out my commercial ‘s version of the Smith and Wesson. It was over 20 years ago when I found it in the local gun shop and weasled a lower price because the bore looked a little shaky and the bluing was pretty well worn. Mechanically it checked out fine, so I bought it and tucked it away

My first pistol Smith and Wesson special handed down to me from my grandfather. The very first gun I shot was a 38 special with my Dad. Yes, I know I frequently wear T-shirts and baseball caps with firearms logos emblazoned on them.

With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. Barrel lengths were 4, 5, 6, and 6. Heat treating of cylinders began in This one left the factory in and was sent with ten others to a firm in Buenos Aires. The hammer was added later and is in the general form of the King Gun Shop modification usually intended for the timed and rapid fire portions of the NRA course. The lockwork of the first model differed substantially from subsequent versions.

smith and wesson 629 serial numbers

If ink spilled in firearms literature is any indication, much found right here at Gun Digest, then this is a significant gun indeed. It has a rich, well-documented history spanning two world wars. From Gun Digest the Magazine classifieds advertiser www. This was a sidearm born of necessity. Colt later took advantage of the innovation for the same purpose. Sometimes we just like the way a gun looks, and I dare say this is one sixgun that has very nice lines.

Feb 06,  · Dear gentlemen, I am new to this forum and appreciate the chance to talk to you. I have an old Smith & Wesson 38 special CTG my grandfathers, there’s a Number under the butt that is and there is a number inside on the frame when you roll the cylinder open that is , I’m not sure which is the serial number.

Remington Model 8 Rifle s grain was the original weight of the. The sent the quintet of grain Magnums into 1. The three tightest hits were 0. Two of the loads I used were from the same lots as those I had accuracy tested in the With the Black Hills. More than 70 years later, their new ones apparently still are. With that little metal cut away, the cylinder was heavy.

That heavy six-round cylinder with its thick walls between chambers made the N-frame Smith a favorite for handloaders who experimented near the edge of red-line. But it also made for a very fast, sure double action pull. The deep frame gave a high bore axis. However, the weight of the N-frame absorbed more of the rearward kick of the recoil, making it a more comfortable gun to shoot, especially for long strings of fire.

The recessed chambers, which began in and continued late into the epoch of the Model 27, were prized by revolver aficionados. The reason was the exquisite machining that went into them.

Gunsmithing – How to Lighten and Smooth the Trigger Pull on a Smith and Wesson (S&W) Revolver