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Take the Saints Trivia Quiz now! She was the member of an aristocratic family and the daughter of a diplomat to the Marquis of Ferrara. Catherine received a wonderful education in reading, writing, singing and drawing while being raised at the court of the Duke of Ferrara. Catherine excelled in painting, Latin and the viola. When the daughter eventually married, she wanted Catherine to remain in her service, but Catherine, feeling a calling to the religious life, left the court. In , at years-old, she entered the convent of Corpus Domini at Ferrara and became a Franciscan Tertiary.

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The historic medieval centre, one of the best preserved in Europe, celebrates the presence of a number of towers disseminated through the spectaculars porticos rows and luxurious historic palaces. Discover this wonderful town, its monuments, the colour of its roofs and its famous and delicious gastronomy. Wherevere you want to stay, in very centre, close to the Town Hall or the Petronio Dome Square or in the surrounding hills, you will find a selection of the best hotels in Bologna to stay.

Università Di Bologna: This is a great afternoon trip to take your time and soak in the history and culture of the University. The University is so big that it’s spread in various buildings in the area around Via Zamboni, some dating back to the 15th Century.

Hotels in Bologna Bologna — Vibrant and Exquisitely Restored Medieval Gem Despite having been bombarded by relentless waves of attackers over the centuries, most recently during WW II, Bologna has somehow always managed to get back on its feet and rebuild. Its city centre, the heart of the medieval walled city, is now one of the most extensive and historically significant preserved areas in Europe.

It contains well restored and preserved examples of buildings dating from Roman times through the medieval period and onto the renaissance and beyond. But it looks as much forward as it does backward to its rich past, and contains a modern transport infrastructure and exhibition and corporate services second to none in Northern Italy.

A Romantic Stroll under the Porticoes For reasons that are not entirely clear, Bologna is less well-known outside Italy than many of its other ancient cities. In terms of scope, the city preserves substantial remains from Roman times to the renaissance. The heart of the walled area is where most visitors will head, and perhaps aim to find a room in one of the many hotels. The historic centre is especially good for strolling, since buildings throughout the area feature grand porticoes, where visitors can seek shelter from the elements while moving effortlessly from place to place in great style.

There are far too many points of historical interest in the area to mention. Set in the dramatic Palazzzo Pepoli, it charts the history of the city from ancient times right up the present day. In fact, the University of Bologna, founded in , is considered the oldest university still in existence in the world. When not studying, students from this and several other institutions often spill out into the centre of the city and add life and activity to its bar and nightlife scene.

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History[ edit ] According to tradition Saint Petronius , a bishop of the city during the 5th century, built the basilica over a temple of the goddess Isis. The saint wished to have a building that recalled the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The different parts of the complex include: Church of Saint Stephen or of the Holy Crucifix 8th century, presbytery reshaped in 17th century , with the Crypt Church of the Holy Sepulchre according to tradition: Pilate’s Courtyard recalls the lithostrotos , where Jesus was condemned; it leads to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

In the center, a basin called the “Catino di Pilato”, a Lombard work from , bears the following inscription: Church of Saint Stephen or of the Holy Crucifix[ edit ] The church of the Crucifix is of Lombard origin and dates back to the 8th century: At the center of the presbytery, remodeled in the seventeenth century, which is accessed via a staircase, is the Crucifix, the work of Simone dei Crocifissi dating back to about On the walls there are 15th century frescoes with the Martyrdom of Saint Stephen.

Under the presbytery there is the crypt divided into five naves with columns of different invoice, one of which, according to legend, from the base to the capital is perfectly equivalent to Jesus about one meter and seventy, very high for the time ; at the end of it, in two urns placed on an altar, the remains of the Saints Vitale and Agricola are kept. On the sides of the altar, a few years ago, two 16th century frescoes were found under a layer of plaster, illustrating the martyrdom of Vitale and Agricola.

In the left aisle, at the back near the altar, there is a small fresco of the early fifteenth century, the so-called Madonna della Neve, perhaps of Lippo di Dalmasio. An object of lesser artistic value but of some suggestion is the white statue of the Madonna Bambina, at the beginning of the crypt, on the right wall. Church of the Holy Sepulchre[ edit ] The church dates back to the fifth century, built by the bishop Petronius as a simulacrum of the Constantinian Sepulcher of Jerusalem and rebuilt at the beginning of the eleventh century by Benedictine monks after it was heavily damaged during the devastating 10th century Hungarian invasions.

St Stephen’s Basilica

The resultant book Codex Constitutionum was promulgated in , all imperial ordinances not included in it being repealed. The Digesta was drawn up between and by a commission of 16 lawyers, under the presidency of the jurist Tribonian. They collected and examined all the known writings of all the authorized jurists; extracted from them whatever was deemed valuable, generally selecting only one extract on any given legal point; and rephrased the originals whenever necessary for clarity and conciseness.

The results were published in 50 books, each book subdivided into titles. All juridical statements not selected for the Digesta were declared invalid and were thenceforth never to be cited at law. The Novellae Constitutiones Post Codicem or simply, in English, the Novels comprised several collections of new ordinances issued by Justinian himself between and , after publication of the revised Codex.

Jun 19,  · Bologna Matters. by Alex Bols | Jun 19, | Blog | 0 comments. Alex Bols, GuildHE Deputy CEO, and Anne Corbett, author of Universities and the Europe of Knowledge (Palgrave ), review the Bologna Process. With a history dating back to , Worcester has established a reputation for world-class teaching and practical.

Nonetheless, beyond the streets and piazzas of the city on which thousands of people walk, is a historical heritage whose value we can barely imagine. Everything ended up to be buried by the inexorable passage of time. Something, though, is still visible, and you can discover it walking through the city centre, but, most of all, venturing into the underground city. Today, the people of Bologna only know its name and they studied it at school, but very few of them did see it.

Before, the Torrente Aposa had marked the industrial and economic wealth of the city, together with the rivers Savena and Reno , affecting the textile industry and becoming part and parcel of the city life. Everyone knows that history is a repeating cycle though, and in fact, after all the efforts to cover the stream and to make its local geographical memory disappear, between and the reclaim works recovered the ancient course of the river, but the river itself was permanently bond to the underground city by the time.

Today there are two entrances, one in Piazza Minghetti and another in Piazza San Martino; they lead to the underground river for an extremely fascinating and suggestive guided tour through the foundations of Bologna visits are not allowed at the time. Different styles and building techniques meet along the trail, as well as remains of the different historical periods the city witnessed.

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The Museo Lamborghini sometimes translated as the Lamborghini Museum is an automobile museum owned and operated by Automobili Lamborghini S. Opened in , the two-storey museum is attached to the Lamborghini factory, and covers the history of Lamborghini cars and SUVs. The goal of the museum is to cover all major milestones throughout Lamborghini’s history, with the current gallery containing iconic cars such as GT and the Sesto Elemento.

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Departure Points London Heathrow Day 1: Fly from London to Bologna. On arrival, transfer to Ravenna approx. Afternoon visit to the ancient Mausoleum of Theodoric, built in AD as a tomb before being converted into an oratory by the Byzantines.

Sep 21,  · A Day in Bologna If you are visiting Rome, Florence, Milan or Venice it is worth planning a detour to experience the architectural, artistic and culinary delights of beautiful Bologna. This summer was our fifth visit to this alluring, colourful city.

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Bologna’s old city is Europe’s second largest, overlooked by the Due Torri’s lopsided medieval twin towers, its streets flanked by porticos, vaulted arcades dating back as far as the s.

A short summary This trip report will focus on the trip that my wife, Nikki, and I took to Bologna in Italy from July 21st to July 30th In Bologna we got a chance to check out a walking tour, we went to the two towers, ate a lot of good food, rented a car to visit Ravenna and Ferrara etc. The trip report is split into section and this first page will focus on the stay in Bologna and our sightseeing there.

On the next pages you will find a page about eating out in Bologna , an interactive Google map of Bologna , more photos from our stay in the city and reviews of the hotels we used Hotel Touring and Savhotel. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Prelude and planning Map provided by: So when we looked for a short summer vacation it was natural for us to look at Italy again and this time we decided to go for Bologna and the area as it has a reputation for good food and not that many tourists.

It did give use some good information but it was not great in any way. I would have loved to see an eyewitness guide book for Bologna. We decided that spending 9 days in just Bologna would be a bit much. Due to this we decided to spend the first few days without a car in the middle of town Hotel Touring to explore Bologna and after that we would move to Savhotel to make it easier to explore the region by car but still being close enough to Bologna to eat there at night.

The trip begins On July 21st we went to the airport outside Stavanger. For once the weather was behaving and it was almost like summer had arrived in Norway.

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